Assistant Professor / Lecturer in Medical laboratory Sciences (Clinical Chemistry)

Assistant Professor / Lecturer in Medical laboratory Sciences (Clinical Chemistry)

  • College of Applied and Health Sciences
  • Closing: Fri 08 Mar 2024

Job Function

Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences (Clinical Chemistry) specialty in Molecular biology and Medical Microbiology with capability to teach other MLS courses whenever required. He/she will provide service to the College, University and the Community.   



  1. To be responsible for the design and author content for and Molecular biology and Medical Microbiology (bacteriology, parasitology, mycology and virology). The candidate is expected to teach whenever required other MLS related courses too.  
  2. To be able to design and conduct hands on practical in the discipline of medical microbiology sub-disciplines (bacteriology, parasitology, mycology and virology .
  3. To be able to assist in designing and conducting other discipline practical courses required in Medical Laboratory Sciences 
  4. To be able to assist in MLS curriculum design, review and development
  5. To be able to supervise and counsel students on theoretical and Practical activities
  6. To be able to assist in the administrative every day work concerning MLS programme


Research and Consultancy 

  1. To pursue an internationally recognized program of research consistent with the research priorities of the College. 
  2. To publish the outcomes of research in outlets of international standing.
  3. To actively seek and secure external research funding. 
  4. To supervise and manage research projects. 
  5. To collaborate in research initiatives with colleagues beyond the College of Applied and Health Sciences as appropriate. 
  6. To develop research and development collaboration with other organizations and institutes in order to secure additional research funding and consultancy income. 
  7. To contribute to public engagement with research. 

Contribution to External Engagement 

  1. To be involved in activities to raise the regional, national and international profile of the College and indeed the University. 
  2. To forge advantageous relationships with key local and national bodies, organizations and companies.

Other related activities and functions 

  1. To carry out specific college roles and functions as may be reasonably required.
  2. To engage in training programs and continuous professional development which is consistent with the needs and aspirations of the Assistant/Associate Professor and the college. 
  3. To take part in and manage, if required, staff seminars or more cross-college activities, functions and events such as Research day, Open days, and student recruitment events. 
  4. To diligently support quality assurance and enhancement measures within the College and the University (e.g. by reviewing delivered courses annually, setting and receiving student feedback questionnaires)

To undertake any such duties as may be reasonably requested that are commensurate with the nature and grade of the post.     


  1. Minimum two years of teaching experience in a recognized University. 
  2. More than 2 years bench experience in Molecular biology and Medical Microbiology 
  3. Experience in bench work in other disciplines of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Demonstrated research experience

Record of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals


Mandatory Skills:

  1. Ability to teach, manage and assess undergraduate courses in related field.
  2. Ability to develop course and program materials
  3. Ability to work effectively as a team member
  4. Ability to provide tutorial and academic advice to undergraduate students
  5. Ability to attend University as required for scheduled teaching, relevant meetings and student support.

Desirable Skills:

  1. Ability to develop and maintain independent research program and publish in international and high impact factor journals.
  2. Ability to demonstrate leadership in outreach activities
  3. Advanced interpersonal verbal and written communications skills.
  4. Competence in IT skills 


A holder of PhD/Masters degree from a recognized University in Medical Laboratory Sciences field 

Job Overview

  • College of Applied and Health Sciences
  • Job nature : Full Time
  • Posted date : Wed 21 Feb 2024
  • Closing date : Fri 08 Mar 2024

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