Research Assistant (technician)

Research Assistant (technician)

  • College of Applied and Health Sciences
  • Closing: Thu 21 Mar 2024

Job Function

Help in Conducting laboratory experiments related to the project objectives and collecting data, 


  • Preparing samples
  • Conducting the assigned practical work related to the research objectives.
  • Running simulations, collecting data and analyze them.
  • Using Software to operate the equipment and fit data on graphs.
  • Operating electronic devices needed for the research.
  • Purchasing equipment and tools that helps with research.

Contribution to scientific writing and manuscript revisions, such as journal papers, conference papers, books, or book chapters.


4 years working as a university lab technician


Experienced in nanotechnology equipment and characterization techniques. 

Experienced in structure simulation of nanoparticles, in addition to the knowledge of using some special software in data analysis like LabView, and Origin Lab.


Bachelors in physics

Job Overview

  • College of Applied and Health Sciences
  • Job nature : Part Time
  • Posted date : Sun 17 Mar 2024
  • Closing date : Thu 21 Mar 2024

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